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Michelle Lee-Ann is a lover of all things Karl Lagerfeld and finds happiness in books from Hemingway to Harlequin.

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Why you Should Always Know Where you’re Staying When Travelling

So, you’re getting quite happy at a pub down in Edinburgh, when the club downstairs starts hopping. Downing your whisky sour, you bop your way down the stairs and into the dark, smokey, and dancerific club. You have yourself a real good time and decide to leave. The bloke out front tells you that he…

Why you Shouldn’t Believe the Internet About Morocco

I’m writing this post on a sleepy morning in Chefchaouen; the call to prayer long ago waking me up and my stubborn body deciding that it really is time to awaken. A rooster is yelling his good mornings off in the distance and my husband is snoring softly beside me. Everything is quiet except my…

I’m Falling in Love with Libraries, Again

When I was younger, I used to frequent the local library. My mom, our neighbour, and her two kids would walk from our house to the library (back when people didn’t automatically own two cars), pick out some books, and if we were lucky, stop in at the McDonald’s afterwards. As I got older, I…


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